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From Diana M, Texas, USA

Hi Karma,
I got the book a couple of days ago, and am enjoying it immensely. It is very good to know structure to create events. I have always had wonderful little things happen, getting things I wanted, when I wanted them, but it didn't involve anything on my part that I could tell, so I thought I didn't cause it. (I thought my friendly "helpers" on the other side were doing it.)

For example:

I was working at a booth in a Convention Center in Dallas, and outside in the lobby there was an ice cream cart. I wanted a "drumstick" (vanilla cone, covered in chocolate, dipped in nuts). It cost $2.00, and $2.00 was all the cash I had with me. I was pondering the matter, whether I wanted to drive the distance home with no money at all, or whether I wanted the ice cream more.
Whilst I was just thinking these thoughts, a man from two booths down the row came up, holding two of the cones. He said, "I bought two of these, I DON"T KNOW WHY, would someone here like one?"
I said, "Yes, please and thank you".

Comments from Karma Singh:
This is creation in action. Most people don't even LET such things happen - that's how indoctrinated we've been! The book will help everyone to consciously create a life which fulfills and nurtures them. That's what the book was written for.

Blessed be




from Thorsten S., Television producer, Hessen, Germany

The training course "The Biology of ........." with its easy to follow step by step programme delivers the precise instructions needed to complete the book and film "The Secret".


from Michaela G., Wuppertal, Germany

In the Spring of this year I purchased Karma Singh's new book "The Anatomy of Luck". As soon as it arrived I began to read it but then laid it aside until June. It was then as if the book sort of fell into my hand by itself to say "Come on, read me at last!" And that is exactly what I then did. "Wow", I thought, as I read further:

Chronic shortage of money is something that everyone knows about, or???

I think that for the majority of the readers and certainly for most of my friends this problem is the one which they most commonly have to deal with. I have already tried so many different techniques in the attempt to resolve my money problem - including the "simple" option of taking a job - but none of them have ever made me rich. I think that this is the problem that everyone lives with.

Anyway, this is what I do when I pray:

I light a candle on my altar just as Karma described. I then touch my forehead to the floor which increases the blood circulation to my brain. I then put my hands together in what Karma calls "the stillness mudra".

I find Karma's explanation that a prayer is a command somewhat difficult. It was this which, initially, lead me to lay the book to one side.

I would never give a command to God. Then I remind myself that I do not pray to some God a long way away, in some distant "Heaven" or the like but to God in me, around me and everywhere; to feel and be one with God.

My first experiment was to visualise €50.00. That was on the 25th of June 2009. I closed my eyes and saw the amount and the bank note with my inner eye. I felt joy, bliss and thankfulness. Yes, now I could really feel it in me. Into my heart; yes that worked as well and then I said seven times out loud, "I now receive €50.00 from God." I could even feel the joy at receiving the money. It really works; I could feel it!

Then I went to bed.

The following day I had an appointment with my counsellor. At the end of the interview, she said that she had a little something for me that had been lying in her desk since December. She had organised a donation collection for me and the laid a €50.00 bank note into my hand. On top of this, she also gave me a €100.00 coupon from a department store in our city.

I was totally speechless and completely shaken by this miracle.

That same evening I set myself before my altar again and prayed again for money for the chronic shortage was the bane of my life. This time I prayed €40.00. I went into it playfully, like it was a game of Monopoly and thought, "Just try it: You've got nothing to lose." Then I repeated the ritual of the previous evening.

I wrote, "Thank you that I receive €40.00 for the weekend" on a note pad and laid it on my altar. That was on Thursday evening the 25th of June 2009. On Saturday the 27th June I received in the mail a notice from the employment office informing me that my unemployment benefit had been increased by €60.00!!!!

Super, super, super. I wanted to hug the whole world with joy over this miracle.

And what did I do then. Me with my World Helper Syndrome? I told all my friends about my experiences and about Karma's book that they should all purchase straight away.

From this moment I had an inner block against making such a stipulation. Isn't that just insane? I stopped praying BECAUSE it worked!!!! Or was it because I told everyone about it?

I have many times read that for successful wish fulfilment one must keep silent about it. Not an easy thing for me to do. At first I did keep silent but then I just HAD to tell everyone.

And then Karma asked me to write about my experiences. That's what I'm doing right now AND I have started again to pray for that which is lacking in my life. This time, however, I will try to learn from my mistake and to keep silent about my successes, initially at least. When I've got a lot of things behind me then I will talk about it again.

I wish you much joy and successful praying!

Comments from Karma Singh:
Keeping silent is a very interesting topic. There are, in fact, teachings which state that spiritual experiences should only be shared with your "master"! On the other hand, is it not a wonderful feeling when we experience success and our joy is so great that we want to tell the whole world about it and help everyone have the same experience?

What does our present "upbringing" system then do?

The "conform" disease takes over!
As soon as you begin to publish that your life is getting better, the programme that you learned as a small child that it is "unfair" to others if things get better for you switches itself on. Just read St. Francis from Assisi's response to this in the book. It will help you to comprehend the limitless abundance that is truly yours.


from Irene G., Massachusetts, USA

Miracles are pouring in.... I am working on removing blocks (faith) and articulating my desires (intention) and making my request (prayer) and getting results over and over-

for example, desiring $500 from an unknown source a few weeks back- within a few days I unexpectedly received a card with a check for $500 from an old friend.


from Veronica Lewis, Oklahoma, USA,

I read the Anatomy of Luck and was amazed that you had put all the information that I have been researching hundreds of books to find. I especially like the information you shared from Greg Braden of whom I am a huge fan.

The information you have given me over the past year has helped me tremendously and the Anatomy of Luck just really put it all in prospective. I can't thank you enough for your work and dedication.

Please continue to get the word out of the missing elements of Manifesting that has been lost over the years. You have explained why so many people today are not getting prayers answered and are in such a state of lack and poverty.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Comment from Karma Singh:
I didn't just explain why people are not getting prayers answered; I also show in detail exactly how to construct and to give prayers which function every time.



from Jürgen Vierheller, Alsfeld, Germany.

I am most happy to give you this encouragement for your book. Firstly, I found your book to be very good. I know of many books on this theme; at least ten and maybe twenty. The Anatomy of Luck did, however, finally bring me to daily manifesting. The word "Prayer" is avoided by many. The historical and clerical backgrounds to the story were new to me. As I always want to know the truth, this is a very important aspect for me. For me, the book delivers precisely that which was missing and enabled me to make progress. Manifesting has now become a ritual for me which I do gladly.

"The Anatomy of Luck" contains a set of instructions on how to make a stipulation which will be "heard" and, thereby, made manifest. A functioning set of instructions like this is something which I have found in no other work upon this theme. Manifestatiopns given in accord with these instructions really work and I can already give many examples:

One example:

I had organised a talk and invited many people. My target was to have 30 people attend. Three days before the talk, however, I had just ten registrations. After giving my manifestation specifying 30 participants I had no doubt that I would greet 30 participants on the evening although for my intellect this seemed completely unrealistic. Where were the additional 20 people going to come from? My positive feeling and my certainty, however, held their ground.

And just how many participants do you believe that I greeted that evening? Well, there were about 30 people there but more than half of them were previously unknown to me! I was very pleased and quire surprised. My intellect then tried to explain that the people who had been invited to the talk had told others about it and these just turned up unannounced. That is why there were about three times as many as expected.

Were this my only such experience I would probably have dismissed it as mere coincidence. Today I am sure that it had something to do with my correctly formulated manifestation.

A much more (to me) important experience took place in my private life and I do not wish to give any details here. Suffice it to say that it concerns a manifestation which I gave daily over several weeks which brought about the desired result. Sometimes things do take a little longer and sometimes one does not instantly realise the connection between an event and the manifestation given for it some time previously.

I have already read several books upon the theme "wishing", "The Universal Ordering Service" and the like. "The Anatomy of Luck", however, has brought me a decisive step further in effective wishing and manifesting.

This book is a simple and easily to follow instruction manual. I would recommend it to anyone who has desires and ambitions.


from Dr. Helmut L., Austria.

Your work, "The Anatomy of Luck" can truly be called a great success.

Perhaps one should more precisely differentiate between prayer and invocation. Prayer means, to me, a request. To invoke means, as I understand it, more an order or the fulfilment of a desire.

An invocation is a heartfelt desire which, when ripe, can be sent upwards as an order.

I find your book very useful and have recommended it to many others.

I wish you and your book all success.

Warmest regards


Comment from Karma Singh:
The word "prayer" was chosen after much consideration because almost everyone has some sort of idea of what the word means. Seldom is the idea correct because, amongst other matters, "prayer" is never a request but always a polite command. The word is seldom perceived as negative, however, rather dismissed as something belonging to a useless and meaningless ritual.

This is not so with the word "invoke". For many this is closely connected with black magic and bears a heavy negative charge.



from James H. Crymych, Wales, United Kingdom

Karma Singh's book "The Anatomy of Luck" is very clearly written and in any thoughtful person must raise a clearer sense of reality, a reason for rejoicing in existence. I say, "Open your heart, open your mind, and see the benefits tumble out of the blue."


from Matthias H., Berlin.

I thank you for this book.

Actually very little in the book was new to me. I know such techniques from "creative visualisation", "The Universal Ordering Service" and similar. I would, however, never have had the idea of using the term "Prayer".

All the same I am glad that I bought the book because of the way in which it offers such a clear and precise guide as well as furnishing some interesting details of which I was previously unaware. It has brought me back to regular practice which I had neglected for some time.

Does the language in which a manifestation is given make a difference? I would assume that the mother tongue would work best or are there other considerations?

Comment from Karma Singh:
A manifestation given in the mother tongue is almost always the most effective.


from Thorsten S., Hessen, Germany. June 2009

Hallo Karma,

here, at last, my experience with your book "The Anatomy of Luck".

I have already read many books on the theme how one creates one's own reality, desire fulfilment etc. From "The Cosmic Ordering Service" from Baerbel Mohr to "The Secret" from Rhonda Byrne I have tried all the suggestions and tips given. Ordering a parking spot, for example, as described in Baerbel Mohr's book functions beautifully. Also, some of the suggestion from "The Secret" and other books have been very helpful to me. All the same is seemed to be a very random effect as to how well the desired aim was achieved. Somehow, you could feel that something was missing. Sometimes it was just like sticking your hand into a "Lucky Dip". You always got something but you could never really say in advance what it would be.

Now that I have read the book "The Anatomy of Luck" from Karma Singh and applied the very simple instructions I can feel how my own creative power becomes positively stronger day by day. It's really fun working with it and it is a noticeable enrichment of my life. One no longer feels impotently "driven by the stream" but can easily steer the course to that which one desires in life.

A quite simple, practical example from my experiences to date is as follows:

On the same day as I first had the book in my hands and read it I thought, "Now you're going to test this to see whether you can manifest some money." Previous attempts to manifest cash almost always failed. I designed my manifestation as described in the book and gave my "command" to deliver 50.00 Euros to me by the afternoon.

It was not even ten minutes later that the 'phone rang. The caller had a problem with his computer and asked me whether I could possibly call round and take a look at it. After I had finished my own work for the day, I went around to my neighbour's house to take a look at his computer. I was quickly able to determine what the problem was and fixed it there and then. He was so delighted with what I had done for him that he pressed a fifty Euro note into my hand saying, "Please take this for you have helped me enormously." Normally, I would have refused payment and said that this was just a good deed for a friend. However, I could feel that this 50.00 Euro was my manifestation of my stipulation that morning. It was exactly the sum that I had ordered and I had, therefore, no problem with accepting it. He had given it freely and happily without my ever having said anything to him.

We were both happy: He now that his computer functioned again and I over the functioning manifestation and the 50.00 Euros.

Very warmest regards from Hessen,



from Hannelore D., Munich.

Thank you for all the information that I have received to date. The themes are all interesting and dynamic. There is a great deal there for my spiritual work with humans, animals and plants. It has expanded my knowledge of manifesting for everything.


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