The Book

This book is nothing other than the step by step manual to personal success in everything that you undertake.

Manifesting is a highly organised, scientific method to awaken and focus the divine power which slumbers within you so that your will be fulfilled.

Stipulating a manifestation has nothing to do with a request, a deal, a reward or anything like that at all; it is a polite, irresistible command!

The Power of Command belongs totally to you and your “employee” is the Universe or Quantum Fields or Holy Ghost or Siddhakasa or Zero Point Field or whatever other name you wish to use. Whatever you call it, it can do nothing other than to immediately follow your commands.

What needs to be done is that YOU learn how to give a clear, concise command without any trace of contradiction. Whatever command you give, no matter how contradictory, the Universe will always do its best to follow it!

Words alone are completely useless. Nonetheless, they must be clear, precise and unambiguous.

A manifestation which the Universe has no choice but to follow has three aspects which must all be completely merged into a coherent whole. It is this which, when given from your heart, will bring the result you desire. It is only your heart which has the necessary field strength, speed and clarity to “speak” to the Universe. Even science has discovered that the human heart is a transmitter with a radius 20 feet and more.

This book, contains the precise instructions and exercises which will guide you in becoming a master or mistress of precise manifesting;

It takes the power away from the self-appointed “elite” and returns it to where it belongs

- into your hands!

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